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IGN: CodeRunner47
by codeRunner47 » 10 months ago

Hey all,

I thought someone has to start, so why wouldn't it be me. Here we go....

Coderunner47 in the flesh. I started playing minecraft on version 1.7.9 formaly known as obiku19. So minecraft wise not an old player, while in RL I am.:/ nvm.

My first time online was on a server which has died in 2015.


After that server died, I was driven to start my own server. I can tell you all... it aint easy, but it is fun.

Although this server disallows having alt-accounts I myself have 2 accounts Coderunner47 (like my forum account) is a regular player account, while AgentSmith71 is my servers admin account.

Hmm, forgot to mention, I'm from the Netherlands.